EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB Mounting Plate – AMD Black



An addressable D-RGB upgrade kit for existing EK-Velocity high-performance CPU water blocks for AMD AM4 CPU sockets. The upgrade kit includes the AMD AM4 socket compatible steel mounting plate and pre-installed 3-pin 5V D-RGB LEDs.

The kit can also be used to convert your Intel socket compatible EK-Velocity CPU water block to be AMD compatible.

This set can be used to upgrade your non-RGB or standard 4-pin 12V RGB LED EK-Velocity CPU water block to addressable 3-pin 5V D-RGB LEDs.

The kit includes necessary parts to perform the upgrade, including the steel mounting frame with an already installed RGB strip. The only things reused from the previous block are the screws, nickel-plated cold plate, aesthetical cover frame, and the mounting mechanism. To convert your Velocity CPU water block from Intel to AMD socket, you also require an AM4 backplate which is not included in this package.

Technical Specifications:
– RGB cable length: 30cm
– RGB connector addressable 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)

– AMD-compatible mounting frame with installed LEDs

CPU socket compatibility:

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Additional information

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