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1 share in OG10KTech, guaranteed to lose your money…Acredited investors only.



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1 (one) share in OG10KTech, guaranteed to lose your money… Accredited Investors only!
Maximum of two shares per person. Any purchases of more than two shares will be refunded and canceled.

In order to make an OTC, Pink Sheet offering, a company needs to have a minimum of 5% of its stock held by non-affiliated investors for one year prior to the offering. OG10KTech is exploring this option along with others in the expansion of the company. William D. Taylor Sr. Inc is the parent company of the DBA OG10ktech, the current majority stockholder, William Taylor and related entities have had various previous efforts in accepting investors, most ending up in disastrous results. To that end we currently will not accept outside funds for this company. However, we will offer at a current valuation of 1000.00 for the entire company 5% of the current outstanding stock for (1.00) one dollar per stock, limited to one share per individual. These shares are non-voting, subject to future unlimited dilution, and buyback at any time for the original purchase price by William Taylor. Further these shares will most likely be worthless and you will lose your 1.00.

Should the company complete the IPO at some future date, you should expect to be diluted by a factor of at least (1) million, making your current share worth approx. .0001c. Buying these shares does not guarantee any option to purchase additional shares, beyond the normal process at the unlikely time of an IPO.

Should the majority stockholders decide to not go public, you understand you will receive your 1.00 back without interest.

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